Vires et honestas

Vires et honestas

Kettlebells. Good stuff. Going for Strong & Sinister combined with a 1RMax program with the eminent strength and conditioning coach Joe MacGowan from Veritas Group. Strong is the goal.

Why strong? What? You need a reason? How about five of them? No, double that, here is ten reasons to be strong: Why Every Man Should Be Strong

To take a great quote from that article:

“Strength is a defining attribute of masculinity. It’s the literal power that has allowed generations of men to protect and provide for their families. It’s the force that built our skyscrapers, roads, and bridges. While our current environment doesn’t require us to be strong, developing our physical strength is still a worthwhile pursuit, for it lays a foundation for developing the Complete Man.

Strive today to become stronger than you were yesterday. I promise as you do so, you’ll see a transformation not only in your body, but also your mind and spirit.

Vires et honestas. Strength and honor.”

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